>Polar shift shuts down airport runway in Tampa | Network World


This morning I learned that the north magnetic pole is shifting toward Russia at 40 miles per year (I’ve seen 40 km in some reports, but let’s not quibble) and that as a result the airport in Tampa, Fla. is temporarily closing a runway so it can be renumbered.

This isn’t news in the sense that it hasn’t happened before elsewhere or wasn’t expected to happen again. It’s news in the sense that many people – including yours truly and I’d venture to guess a fair number of you – were not aware of the connection between the shifting phenomenon and airports.

(It’s also news if you use Tampa International Airport, of course – and to a much lesser extent — because the 2012 doomsday crowd has latched onto it as more evidence of the futility of long-term financial planning.)

From a story on MyFox Tampa Bay:


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