>GOP’s Gohmert Warns TSA About Tampon Bombers | RumorMiller


Moderate GOP Representative Louie Gohmert,(R-TX) warned of a nefarious plot to sneak explosives on board airplanes using women’s tampons. Gohmert learned of the plot, he explained to Fox News’ Fox and Friends host Gretchen Carlson, while flying from Texas to DC. “Two 20ish Muslims sitting next to me were speaking in a foreign language and pointing at an attractive woman woman across the aisle from us (we were on SouthWest). It was then that I noticed what appeared to a be fuse between her legs.” A mortified Carlson probed for further information asking “Well did you alert the proper authorities?” Gohmert sheepishly admitted he did not saying “No, through the rest of the flight I became increasingly concerned as my stares only seemed to make the woman more nervous and the two Muslims, obviously seeing that I was about to ruin their plot became more and more agitated. Luckily I had them arrested on the spot when we landed.”

A flustered Gretchen Carlson agreed with Gohmert and pointed out that today’s “over sexed youth” use tampons instead of sanitary napkins because of the feeling.

Gohmert acknowledged that the FBI was not yet examining the case, but assured Carlson that American public need not worry saying: “Gretchen I’m over at the TSA everyday screaming bloody murder over these tampon bombs and I’m going to give them a monthly visit until TSA has put in appropriate procedures to counter this growing tampon threat.”

Tampon maker TAMPAX issued the following statement The TSA needs fresher strategies.


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