>Gosselin Drama! Kids Expelled From School!



Oh no! It pains us to say this, but maybe Jon Gosselin had a point when he said he wanted his kids off T.V. (Then again, maybe if he was more involved with his children, this might not be an issue.)

Sources are reporting that the Gosselin children are suffering from “rage issues” and are having “problems with anger management.” Things have gotten so bad that two of the sextuplets, Collin and Alexis, have actually been expelled from school and are currently being home-schooled!

Apparently, all of the children have been having issues with their peers, calling them “nasty names” and bullying other children. We’re told that Alexis actually was expelled for hitting one of her classmates!

Surreal! How could these kids get so out of hand?

Three words: Kate Plus Eight.

Sources are suggesting that these issues started up just around the time that the new family reality show began to tape. Now, we’re skeptical, considering that most of the specials have documented the family on vacation and isn’t as intrusive as their old show used to be, but perhaps the camera aren’t the problem.

An insider on the show suggests that Kate Gosselin has made the show her “priority,” making her rather oblivious to her children’s bad behavior. The source adds:

“The show is her biggest priority. If the kids are unhappy, she doesn’t let that stop her.”

We don’t want to believe that Kate could be so cold-hearted towards her children’s needs, especially considering all they’ve given her. (She wouldn’t have a career without them!)

But if she is neglecting those little ones in favor of her business ventures, then we really do pity those kiddies. Now, they have two terrible parents who won’t raise them right.


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