>Grown Man Drives Girlfriend Off the Road For Taking His PlayStation Away


Grown Man Drives Girlfriend Off the Road For Taking His PlayStation Away

Grown Man Drives Girlfriend Off the Road For Taking His PlayStation AwayThis is Darren Suchon. And even at 42 years old, he doesn’t understand that it’s wrong to drive your live-in girlfriend off the road just because she took your PlayStation away. Especially when you’re using her Porsche to do it.

Suchon is, as one might guess, unemployed, and apparently spends most of his day playing video games. Understandably frustrated with the situation, Colleen Frable took Suchon’s console with her to work last Friday. Which in turn prompted Suchon to follow Frable from their home to somewhere up Route 248, where he forced her car off the road and rear-ended her. Classy guy. And it gets better!

When he was initially confronted by the police after the chase, Suchon’s response was that he “didn’t know what the big deal was.” According to reports:

He told police, “I just wanted the game, I would never hurt her. I just wanted the game.”

He’ll probably have to do a little better than that when his court date comes up; Suchon’s been charged with simple assault, reckless endangerment, harassment, disorderly conduct, reckless driving and driving with a suspended or revoked license. So assuming he doesn’t come up with the $25,000 in bail money any time soon, he’s likely bleeped his last bloop for quite some time.

No word on what PlayStation it was, but if it was a PSP they should seriously consider life without parole. [TMC via Geekologie]

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At least Ms Frable can now move on from this piece of human rubbish… Reply

I am going to go out on a limb and guess he was playing GTA.

I think if he was playing Red Dead the he would of obviously stole a horse for his chase.

I do this kinda stuff every day. I just keep it all in my head. lol. Reply

OMG, that was horrible! I’m not sure the girl should have been fined $25,000, but what she did was horrible. You just don’t take a way a guy’s Playstation. You just don’t. Reply

I have to say, I think a good lawyer will get this tossed. If the Playstation was his, then it could be argued that he acted within his rights to use reasonable force to prevent the theft. Yeah, it sounds really shady, but in a busy court, it might be enough to get this settled with probation and some domestic violence counseling. Reply

I work and attend school 5 days a week and my wife still complains when I fire up the Xbox. If she took it away, I would probably rear-end her too…. then I would search for it while she put her clothes back on. Reply

LTMP promoted this comment

Game Over! Insert 100,000 credits to continue. Reply

“Suchon is, as one might guess, unemployed, and apparently spends most of his day playing video games.”

I can understand her frustration. He sounds (and looks) like a real keeper. Don’t let that one get away Colleen.. Reply

The funny thing is, I know a guy who I can bet is going to end up just like that, and that pic even looks like what I’d imagine him to when he’s 40. Reply

He have no job, playing game at home everyday, and Girl-friend with Porsche making good money?

He is a Gold-digger~!!! Reply

tomsomething promoted this comment

I’ve got a feeling we’ll be hearing more about this on an upcoming Judge Judy. Reply

kingcrim84 promoted this comment

I can just see her throwing her hands up in the air the day prior:

“You’re driving me up the wall!”

hmmm. Reply

…response was that he “didn’t know what the big deal was. Reply

“…where he forced her car off the road and rear-ended her. ”

If he spent more time rear-ending and less time playing, things would not have ended this way. Reply

She is so stupid…

Everyone knows you just take the power chord… =P Reply

it was an original PlayStation! He don’t mess around Reply

Boomdiggity! promoted this comment

Cool, looks like 42 is the new 12. Reply

Caturday Yet? promoted this comment

I hope he gets help for his likely depression instead of getting gang raped in jail. Reply

If this was a Burnout or Need for Speed player, I’d hate to see what a Call of Duty player would do. Reply

Sell Porsche. Buy many Playstations. Heck, a pawned radio from the thing would be enough to get a PS3. Reply

It’s like a car you can chase people with outside! Reply

Not sure what she expected, when the only solution she could come up with to punish her 42 year-old boyfriend for being the biggest loser on the planet was to take his video games away. Reply

Zinger314 promoted this comment

I’m just glad they caught him before he killed a hooker and started shooting at helicopters with his rocket launcher. Reply

avatar003 promoted this comment

Marcus finds your lack of faith disturbing. Reply

whiteknight89 digs DBZ promoted this comment

A women with as Porshe is working and supporting this dipshit so he can play video games all day? Man, she is crazy…..
(Anybody know her number? I am available for this position….)

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