>Top 13 Android Apps for 2009


Most people think that there aren’t any good apps out there for Android. Instead, they say that you need to get an iPhone to truly appreciate the App experience. As a Droid owner, I can tell you that there are a fair amount of useful apps and to that end, I have put together a list of some of my favorites, in no particular order.


CardioTrainer – This app features the ability to tap into the integrated GPS and also log your workout. Whether it’s running, walking, hiking, etc., it logs it and then you can save a history and access it online. I’ve been using it lately to just track how far I’ve been walking in NYC–it’s accurate 95% of the time, and I’ve had a couple of “how did it think i was THERE?” moments, which are more a flaw of the GPS, not the app.


Google Sky Map – While this app isn’t necessary that useful, it’s a super cool way of showing off your Droid.

Key Ring – This app replaces my loyalty cards at a set of retailers with a barcode image. It’s easy to set up but I have had marginal luck with getting this thing to work. That said, I am sticking with it for now, hoping that updates improve performance.

Locale – This app let’s you create multiple phone

settings instances (modifying things like volume, brightness, etc) based on specific criteria. For example, I have it set to switch to vibrate when I get to the office, or set to full ringer volume when at home. You can also create a profile to modify screen brightness when your battery is below a certain percentage. This app works so well that I don’t even think about putting my phone on vibrate in the office.

Phonalyzer – This is another useless but interesting app that gives you different charts showing aspects of your phone usage. It visually represents things like which days of the week have the most activity (by calls & minutes), which time of day gets the most call activity, etc.

Pkt Auctions eBay – This one features a simple interface that let’s you manage your eBay auctions (selling, watching, buying). It also allows you to use the scan a barcode and do a quick eBay lookup.

Recordoid – This app features an interface that looks like an old school cassette recorder, but is a voice recorder. You can use the app to save voice notes, even tagging them with a GPS location.


Ringdroid – Use this app to slice and dice MP3s into ringtones. It offers a really easy to use interface, too.


Shazam – Like its iPhone counterpart, this app listens to a few seconds of a song and then tries to identify the song & artist. I tend to use this while listening to my Sirius radio in order to store a list of songs/artists I want to check out later.


ShopSavvy – scan a barcode and look up both web & local pricing info using this app. Unfortunately it needs good light conditions to get a good snapshot of the barcode. I’ve had great results, with it even pulling user reviews. The coolest thing about the app is that it’s all handled right on the phone. For example, find a product, scan its barcode, get a list of local stores with the item in stock, select one of the stores, and then get Android navigation to that store. How cool is that?


SportsTap – This is an awesome app for getting sports news and scores, including in-game details such as box scores as well. A bonus is that there’s a great desktop widget, too.


StarTranslate – There are many translation apps on the market, all using Google’s translation API. This one is great, however, because it integrates with the TTS Service Extender to speak the translated phrase. This is definitely handy when struggling in that foreign country.


Weather Channel – This app works like a charm. It gets you current conditions, hourly, three day and ten day forecasts.

Do you have some favorite Android apps? Share your list below.


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