>Clothing store owner: Langford received $57,196 in clothing


Clothing store owner: Langford received $57,196 in clothing

By Jon Paepcke | Investigative reporter
Published: October 20, 2009

The owner of Birmingham’s Remon’s clothing store told the jury hearing Larry Langford’s fraud trial about nearly $60,000 worth of clothing Langford received in one year.

Remon Damforah testified that Bill Blount and Al Lapierre paid for $57,196.09 worth of high end clothing for Langford that he picked out in 2005.

When Langford, Blount and LaPierre first entered Damforah’s store together Damforah testified, “They asked me to get Langford whatever he wants and they would take care of it.“

Damforah said Langford visited the store to pick out clothing 6-7 times in 2005 and he remembered Langford wore a 44 Regular jacket.

He also admitted Langford did make one payment on the clothing.

Langford faces 60 charges from a federal indictment returned in June 2008 and unsealed 6 months later.

Among the charges are bribery, money laundering, conspiracy, mail and wire fraud and filing a false tax return.

Prosecutors claim Langford accepted $235,000 in cash, clothing and jewelry from investment banker Bill Blount and lobbyist Al LaPierre.

In exchange, prosecutors argue, Langford arranged lucrative bond swap deals for Blount and LaPierre while Langford served as President of the Jefferson County Commission.

Langford has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Blount has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bribery and LaPierre admitted guilt to conspiracy and filing a false tax return.

Both men are expected to testify against Langford as part of their plea deal.

If Langford is convicted on all counts, he faces a maximum of 804 years in prison.

The trial is expected to last two weeks.


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