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>The way I look at things, I’m a pretty unremarkable kind of guy. I’m not a hero (not that I know of anyways) and I’m not really extraordinary. If I were to try and describe how I make a difference in people’s lives, I don’t know if I really could, but I could explain what I do on a daily basis. I know that making people smile can make a very tiny difference in my life, by making me feel better personally, but if I really break it down and look at it, it really can make a big difference in someone else’s life too. After all, someone could be having a pretty crappy day and if you just hold open a door, smile or ask how someone is doing, it shows some courtesy, empathy or just common humanity. I think that’s something that is really lacking in today’s society. In my opinion, if I show some of that, no matter how small, it might have a pay it forward kind of effect. At least, I hope it does. Karma is a powerful thing, and I’m hoping to rack up on the positive points. I also like to take pictures. A LOT of them. I’m no professional, but I’ve been told that if I really work at certain technical aspects of photography, like lighting and exposure, I can be great. I tend not to use computers to edit my photos, but find that if I take a shot of someone, that pesky pimple can make someone’s life a lot easier if it can just be erased. I guess this is what gives me the most pleasure. I capture moments, both that I’ve experienced and that others experience. I guess I’m good at this, and it’s a small way I can make a difference. I tend to have a knack for making people happy.

Now What about the HP Giveaway? I think that some of the new equipment could really benefit me in a big way. I could use more horsepower on the CPU, especially since I’m now dealing with larger and larger images, and they do take some processing power, especially if you’re doing a RAW 9 exposure panorama! So I’ll be perfectly honest here… I’m gonna keep the TouchSmart, the HDX and the MediaSmart. They are cool and I will put them to very good use.

Now I obviously already have a computer (two actually) so here’s what’s gonna happen.

First, I have a friend, William. He is the kindest, most deserving guy I know. he suffered from a case of meningitis when he was 15, and that led to some nasty brain damage. It’s caused him to be a little on the slow side and he can’t drive, but that hasn’t stopped his heart from growing. I’m going to give William my desktop computer that he’s been begging me for. He really needs an upgrade too. He’s still running on Windows 98!

Second, I have a laptop that I use right now. I’m an HP loyalist here. I own a dv9000t. It’s a superb laptop, and is still pretty darned fast. I would give this, along with the rest of the giveaway goodies to three deserving and needy families (hopefully with kids) in my area. Those families would be determined by The Salvation Army, The United Way and the church I attend, Grace Episcopal Church. The way I figure, it’s a good way to be unbiased and to give some really good stuff to those that could really use it.

So no sob story here, just the God’s honest truth. I hope to be able to see these peoples’ faces when they receive the totally awesome gifts. Wouldn’t that make an awesome Christmas story?

Oh yeah… go to http://livingintheory.blogspot.com and visit a great site!


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9 Responses to >Livingintheory.blogspot.com – HP Giveaway!

  1. >Sounds like a great way to share the magic! I wish you much luck in the contest – take care!

  2. >I love how you refer to William as a person whose struggled "hasn't stopped his heart from growing." I am always amazed at the terrific people I meet who are accomplishing so much and are so giving right in the midst of their challenges. He is lucky to have you as a friend.Good luck in the contest and happy holidays!!!

  3. feathermaye says:

    >I love your blatant honesty about what you'd be keeping for yourself. We all know that we all want to keep it all, but few are ready to admit it for fear it'll weaken their chances, lol. Nice admit, there.Best of luck to you. I'd love for William to get your wish.

  4. Zoey says:

    >Windows 98! Now that is a blast from the past! Best of Luck.

  5. Marcia says:

    >I enjoyed reading your entry. I love photography, but only for my own pictures really. Good luck with the contest and Happy Holidays!!Marcia

  6. Jolly Joan says:

    >You sound pretty heroic to me! Thanks for thinking of others while you hone your skills, which will also undoubtedly help a lot of others!

  7. Tina says:

    >I appreciate your honesty! LOL.. There are some pretty awesome goodies and I can't really blame anyone for wanting to keep a couple of them.. But it's also great that you recognize you don't need it all and passing it on to others is so great. My dad also had meningitis a little over 10 years ago. Thankfully he didn't suffer any brain damage, but it was a life alter situation. God bless!

  8. >Thanks all for your comments! It's really good to know sometimes that the little things you do can really make a big difference in someone's life!

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