>Enter TechieDiva’s HP Magic Giveaway Contest!

>again, here’s the rundown…

Here’s a rundown of exactly what I would do if I won…

There are MANY prizes, including a touchscreen PC, a VERY high end laptop, an entertainment laptop, a netbook, a network printer, a really nice media extender, MS Office 2007 and yes, KUNG FU PANDA!

What I would keep? The Touchscreen PC, the high end laptop and the extender. That’s ALL.

I would be giving away the rest and more! That’s right, my current computer desktop (AMD Athlon64 4000+, 2GB RAM, Windows Vista Ultimate) would be donated to my totally deserving friend William. William suffered from meningitis when he was 15, and that caused some severe brain damage. Now, Will is about the nicest person I’ve EVER known. He gives freely and asks for nothing in return. He however, badly needs a computer upgrade. He has expressed interest in my desktop computer many times, so I plan on giving it to him, along with the 19″ dual widescreen monitors I have. My laptop, a Hewlett Packard dv9000t (core2duo t7200, 2GB RAM, 17″ screen) will be donated along with the aforementioned contest materials to three needy families. These needy families will be determined by the local Salvation Army, United Way and my church (Grace Episcopal). I figured this was about as fair a way possible to give things away, because they really KNOW who needs. I would love to be there when they are given away because I would just want to see the looks on those families’ faces.

So to enter, go here (Techie Diva): http://www.techiediva.com/2008/12/06/techie-diva-presents-the-hp-magic-giveaway/

for more information on the giveaway and its contents, go here: http://www.hp.com/united-states/campaigns/blogger-magic/products.html


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