>I really hate being sick… but Larry Langford makes me feel better!

>You know, I’ve been doing pretty well since I left Birmingham as far as getting sick. Looks like things finally caught up with me over the Thanksgiving holidays…

Somehow I caught a bug on Thursday (I think) and was sick as a DOG starting Friday. What started out as mere bloating turned into chills, full blown fever (peaked at just over 102 deg. F) and aches with the dreaded Niagara Falls diarrhea. OK I know it’s gross, but it’s the truth. I think Saturday was the worst. I got severely dehydrated despite drinking a load of water and I didn’t eat anything. Sunday morning my fever broke (and the bed was soaked with sweat).

I made it to church, but I didn’t make it to my parents’ house for the big family Thanksgiving get-together. Turns out, I couldn’t have made it if I had been feeling OK. I didn’t get out of church until just before noon.

Well now I think I’m finally at 100% and I think I can thank yesterday’s news… Larry Langford, Mayor of Birmingham, former President of the Jefferson County Commission, was arrested and indicted in a whole bunch of mess related to the whole bond swapping sewer mess. I certainly felt better after that!

Its a 101 Count Federal Indictment Mr. Mayor!

It's a 101-count Federal Indictment Mr. Mayor!


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