>HP Magic Giveaway! – Win $6000 worth of computer goodies!

>Hey everyone, I’d rather you all not enter this competition (because I want to win), but I’m posting about it anyways. Hewlett Packard, in conjunction with 50 of the top tech blogs out on the internet, is giving away some truly righteous computer gear!

Here’s the link to GearLive’s contest! CLICK HERE

As a condition of my winning this contest, I will gladly donate my loaded HP Laptop (dv9000t – core2duo t7200, 2GB RAM, 100GB Hard drive, HD-DVD drive, 17″ screen, Windows Vista Home Premium) plus one of the laptops offered in the contest. Donate to who? Why TWO needy families in my area who could really use a nice visit from Santa Claus for their kids. I will contact the local Salvation Army, United Way and my church to find suitable and needy families.

So people… I WANNA WIN!


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